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Hell, a lot of pain? Are you the one, who is experiencing all sorts of tingling, pain, and discomfort all along the course of your leg? Well, you might be trapped in a debilitating condition called Sciatica.

Let us dwell deeper and understand this common problem of the majority of the population.

What is Sciatica?

The result of any pathology of your sciatic nerve is called Sciatica. You might feel pain running down from your lower back to your feet. This leads to people often confusing any sort of back pain or radiating pain towards the lower limb as sciatica. Motions that involve frequent twisting, bending, or coughing exacerbate and worsen the patient’s symptoms. The sciatic nerve ought to get irritated and compressed anywhere along its course.

Causes of Sciatica

In broader terms, any condition that puts the sciatic nerve in an irritated or compressed state can exacerbate sciatica-like symptoms. To simplify the causable factors, here’s a list.

  • A person suffering from a herniated or bulging intervertebral disc is more likely to experience sciatica, physiotherapy treatment methods, in such conditions is a life savior.
  • A condition called Spondylolisthesis, where there is a misalignment at one vertebral level about the other, often causes sciatica-like symptoms.
  • Inflammation or muscular spasm around the pelvic or lumbar region may lead to impingement of sacral or lumbar nerve roots aggravating the symptoms experienced.
  • Some conditions tend to give a mass-like effect. It could be due to some malignancy, abscess, or hematoma. Such a condition often mimics sciatica-like symptoms.
  • In the elderly population, Lumbar canal stenosis often leads to sciatica due to compression of the sciatic nerve root.
  • Generally, sciatica is often related to faulty occupational postures. For instance, desk jobs that require long sitting periods or lifting heavy weights. They are known to cause damage to the intervertebral discs.
  • bony spurs or outgrowths around the vertebrae could also cause impingement and compression of the sciatic nerve root causing Sciatica.

Consulting a physiotherapist for posture fixing in such scenarios helps you understand the physiotherapy treatment methods, for your way to a better life.

Are you experiencing the following symptoms? Here’s what it could be like.

Many individuals complain especially of ‘feeling heavy’ usually indicating the affected leg. You might also feel some tingling or a burning sensation deep down in your buttocks. a tingling sensation could be described as pins and needles felt around the lumbar region or down the affected leg or both. Also, top-notch pain is often described in the lumbar spine which is usually one-sided or unilateral. The numbing sensation is due to the reason that the nerve gets pinched or compressed which alters the sensations down your leg. In such cases, physiotherapy treatment methods have proven to be very effective.

How you can tackle the pain ride?

Here are some important bullets for you to keep up with your treatment.

  • Try not to stop physical movements and day-to-day tasks completely
  • Always work on improving and maintaining an erect and correct posture.
  • Work and focus on your strength of core muscles to build a strong foundation for your posture.
  • Your physiotherapist would educate you about proper lifting techniques and physiotherapy treatment methods that would prevent you from falling out in injury-prone positions.
  • Follow up with your physiotherapist and keep up with the exercise regime and prescribed physiotherapy treatment methods.
  • Apply hot fermentation to the painful sites to ease your tender spots.
  • Progress gradually from incorporating gentle movements to advanced exercises.

What to avoid if suffering from sciatica?

Avoid sitting or lying down for a prolonged period. Change positions every 15-30 minutes to avoid faulty positioning.

Avoid using hot water bottles for prolonged periods to calm your pain, especially if you also experience numbness as it could lead to scalding of the skin so, it is very important to follow proper physiotherapy treatment methods.

We have got your back!

Talking about the time to recover usually most of the cases get resolved in around four to six weeks without any medical therapy. But in some cases, the recovery could be prolonged based on how worse the condition is, whether are there any advancements in the patient’s condition, and any other provoking factors if present. Besides that the recovery prognosis is excellent. Whatever pain you are in, we are your ultimate solution. How? So, we will run a comprehensive evaluation and assessment that would involve all the elements regarding your pain, the pain-provoking postures, and the positions you feel relieved. With our excellent approach to chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment methods, you will feel the pain gradually vanishing away. By customizing your treatment approach, involving Chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapeutic maneuvers, you can treat your sciatica in no time.


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Are you sick of being in Pain? Our amazing team will get you moving PAIN FREE! BOOK APPOINTMENT NOW. 


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Book an appointment with the best chiropractor in Noida to live a pain-free life again. 


Are you sick of being in Pain? Our amazing team will get you moving PAIN FREE! BOOK PHYSIOTHERAPY APPOINTMENT NOW.