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piriformis syndrome

piriformis syndrome


Experiencing pain, numbness, and weakness is not a great sign of good overall health. What if we say, a good physiotherapy evaluation and assessment with a timely diagnosis could avoid the aftermath of Piriformis syndrome? But before we emphasise the significance of early physiotherapy treatment, let us first dive into what is Piriformis syndrome and what causes it.


The piriformis muscle starts from the sacrum and ends at the thigh bone (femur). It helps to externally rotate the femur. In simple words, our ability to tie our laces by placing a leg above the other, to get in and out of a car is due to the action of the piriformis muscle.


When the sciatic nerve gets entrapped or pinched at the level of ischial tuberosity (a bony landmark) or piriformis muscle leads to piriformis syndrome. Sciatica and piriformis syndrome are some controversial conditions with each other. It shares various overlapping symptoms with its other counterparts. More often, piriformis syndrome is considered a cause of sciatica.

The course of the sciatic nerve lies close to the piriformis muscle. Hence, in any condition of piriformis muscle getting irritated, compressed or inflamed, it also affects the sciatic nerve, reproducing sciatica-like symptoms. Making a clear diagnosis of piriformis syndrome is quite perplexing and hence requires a lot of detailed assessment, various diagnostic tests and tools to rule out the overlapping conditions that mimic piriformis syndrome. Such conditions could be lumbar canal stenosis (LCS), inflammation of intervertebral disks etc.


The multifactorial range can be presented while learning about what can cause piriformis syndrome. Conditions like-

  • Leg length discrepancy (LLD)- the difference in the length of lower limbs
  • Mass occupying lesions
  • Hip arthroplasty
  • Trauma or injury to the buttock region
  • Long hours of sitting and immobility
  • Hypertrophy of the piriformis muscle. Usually observed in athletes engaged in heavy weightlifting


Although a wide range of symptoms can be experienced by an individual depending upon the severity, progression, cause and other factors, here are some common symptoms usually experienced by a majority population.

  • Deep sitting pain in buttocks, hip and back region.
  • Pain can be described as throbbing, dull or irritating
  • Difficulty in bed transfers, ie. getting in and out of bed or chair
  • Inability to remain in the same position for long hours, for example, constant sitting/lying/ standing
  • Movements of the lower limb get affected
  • Hip movements exacerbate the pain and discomfort
  • Tingling or numbness felt around the buttock and hip region
  • Ascending or descending the stairs could be pain-aggravating positions
  • Muscle tightness and stiffness
  • Painful muscle spasms


The basic regimen to stretch and strengthen remains the quintessential base. But every other body is designed and affected in different aspects. Instead of driving aimlessly and doing every exercise would deteriorate the present condition. Visit our Kure clinic in Noida, and let us take your treatment to effect. We offer a complete evaluation and assessment of your affected muscle structures and joints. The goal of our treatment is to restore the hip ranges to normal allowing painless functional rhythm. With the best association of an orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist and chiropractic in Noida,  an appropriate and timely treatment protocol can help regain functional movement. Chiropractic adjustments are also a win-win if there’s any joint malalignment present. Chiropractic therapy finds its significance as it helps in

1.   Improving the pain arising from the affected and surrounding structures

2.    Improving deviations

3.    Trigger points

4. Sport-related injuries

With a methodological approach combining physiotherapy and chiropractic, you would notice what good and healthy feel like. Stop thinking and book your first session with us at physiotherapy clinic in Noida. Bid adieu to pain!

For all your bone and joints related problems you can contact our consultatnt orthopedic surgeon and get your problems resolved.

Book an appointment with the best chiropractor in noida to live a pain-free life again.

Are you sick of being in Pain? Our amazing team will get you moving PAIN FREE ! BOOK PHYSIOTHERAPY APPOINTMENT NOW

Book an appointment with the best chiropractor in noida to live a pain-free life again.

Are you sick of being in Pain? Our amazing team will get you moving PAIN FREE ! BOOK PHYSIOTHERAPY APPOINTMENT NOW